ENHANCE Tabletop RPGs RPG Organizer Case Collector's Edition (Black)


Collector's Edition (Dragon Black)

Forged from the spoils of war using techniques from an age long forgotten, the Collector's Edition RPG Character Organizer Case is upgraded with the power of Dragon Scales. The Collector's Edition also comes with a collectible metal charm keychain and holographic sticker to mark the exclusivity of your Collector's Edition DnD Binder. Show off your reward with the detachable metal charm that can be taken anywhere.

ENHANCE Gaming Tabletop Series

RPG Character Organizer Case

Make the ultimate investment in your character with a travel binder storage case that is exclusively designed for RPG players. Its custom compartments fit and protect all of the combat supplies you need to bring your character to life during their adventures. With the ENHANCE RPG Organizer, you'll ensure your character is fully equipped for every campaign; no more misplaced character sheets or forgotten tabletop gaming accessories.

  • Exclusive: Built-in Erasable Character Sheet Holder
  • Removable Zippered Pen & Accessories Pouch
  • Features Large Dice Rolling Tray
  • Extra Sheet Storage Area
  • 16 Slot Mini Figure Storage Foam Tray
  • Customizable & Removable Loot Dividers

Case for the Modern Gamer

Fits everything your character needs while still portable enough to fit in your favorite messenger bag or backpack.

  • Length: 12.75 inches
  • Width: 10.3 inches
  • Height: 3 inches

Exclusive: Character Sheet Scribe Panel

The Scribe Panel is a special divider with a built-in transparent protector that holds your character sheet...and can be used as a reusable writing surface with dry erase markers (sold separately). Use it to protect your Character Sheet against nasty eraser marks—a unique feature of the ENHANCE RPG Organizer Case.

Customize to Your Character's Needs

The right side of the Organizer includes a foam tray with 16 slots for miniature figures and a modular area with 2 adjustable dividers to custom-fit cards, dice, tokens, or other accessories.

Or remove the foam tray and dividers to make room for your copy of the Player's Handbook.

Gunmetal Color Themed Hardware

Thematically designed for your next fantasy adventure, the ENHANCE RPG Organizer Case features premium design accents that deliver on the quality that RPG players have come to love from the full line of ENHANCE Tabletop products.


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