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There is no such thing as a typical workday here at Accessory Power. Every day presents new challenges and every day we learn how to tackle them head on. Besides checking email and getting one (or several cups of coffee) , we spend most of our day researching, communicating, collaborating, dreaming and motivating each other to bring in the best products we can, so our customers are always satisfied.

Because we are growing so much year after year, we are also constantly bringing in new talent. Starting a new job can be difficult, getting to know to culture, learning how differently people communicate, not to mention the actual tasks of the job. We get it, so we have created what we call our Big Brother / Sister Program. As a new employee you will be paired with a senior employee whose main job is to get you acclimated to everything. They serve as a role model, a mentor, a resource but most importantly a friend. By the end of the program, every new employee should feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

Yes, it’s hard work at AP, but does that mean we don’t have fun? Absolutely not! It’s not unusual to walk through the office and hear chatting and laughter because we pride ourselves with being able to have a little fun while we work. Respectful and polite fun and humor keeps us going through the long projects and days. There are no dress pants either! We all like to be comfortable so jeans are OK and sometimes we even have themed Fridays, like animal shirt day.

Every employee plays an important role in the company so we understand that stress happens sometimes. To ease that stress we provide several activities sometimes one a week, or once a month or a couple times a year. Some of these fun activities include yoga classes, massages, lunches, seasonal events and more! Our company outings have also included a harbor cruise, a Dodger game, bowling at Universal City walk and so much more!

Life at Accessory Power can be described in 3 words. Fun, Challenging, Rewarding.


    We believe giving back to the community is important so we have partnered with organizations like Pandas International, Ride 2 Recovery and Operation Gratitude to help them with their causes.


    As a part of our new wellness program we offer weekly yoga classes for all of our employees to enjoy. We encourage a healthy lifestyle and to always have a balance between work and personal life.


    From Halloween costume contests to happy hours to a bowling at Universal City walk and even a harbor cruise, our company events are never boring. Although we work hard we know how to have fun.