Rugged Durable Lantern For Camping, Indoor & Emergency
Convenient ControlPower up the lantern manually or using the wireless remote control. The compact remote enables you to turn the lamp on and off from anywhere within 38 feet. Whether you're snuggled up in a sleeping bag or warm by the fire, the wireless remote allows you to power the lantern without getting up. It also comes with a hanging clip to ..
ENHANCE EXP LED Lantern and Flashlight
No Batteries, No ProblemNever again will you have to worry about needing spare batteries! This lantern & flashlight combo allows two forms of charging. Charge via USB or using the self powered hand crank (Clockwise or Counter Clockwise). The red indicator light will turn on when charging...
ENHANCE Kid's LED Color Changing Mini Night Light
ENHANCE Mood Light S Color Changing LED Light for Children & AdultsThe ENHANCE mood Light S is the perfect night light for your children's room.. With a color cycle that alternates between 256 colors , and four alternating modes including; FLASH , STROBE , FADE and SMOOTH that will provide comfort and happiness of your child. The wireless mote and ..
ENHANCE Rave Lamp with 4 Color Shifting Modes
ENHANCE Color Changing Party LightsA powerful LED light shifts through up to 256 vibrant colors so vivid you have to see it for yourself! The lamp encasement is made of durable hand-blown glass that houses and protects the LED lighting inside. The Mood Light also comes equipped with a standard white light that can be used as a night light. Select 1..
Model: GG-MOVE-L3D
Portable Bluetooth speaker with wireless remote and multiple audio source options. LED lights PULSE and GLOW!..
Model: ENFB000100WTEW
USB Flexible Clip-On Laptop Lamp & Work Light w/ 7 LED Lights & Clip-On Clamp..
3 Color Modes , Adjustable Brightness & Auto OFF
ReVIVE LED Desk with Wireless Phone Charging PadThe ideal desk lamp for any workstation or bedside table, the ReVIVE LWC offers extraordinary non-intrusive lighting while charging your phone wirelessly. A sleek matte black finish and a 360 degree flexible gooseneck looks great on any desktop or nightstand and works perfect as a nightstand charging ..
Portable Bedside Night Light Lamp with Color LED's & Rechargeable Battery..