2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
ENHANCE Pathogen 2 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardThe Pathogen series has evolved with the new Pathogen 2 mechanical gaming keyboard. Equipped with improved polling rate, actuation delays are nearly eliminated with a blazing fast 1ms response time, compared to the 30ms time of traditional mechanical keyboards. Adapt to the game with new strategies and a..
ENHANCE GX-K2 Gaming Keyboard with Hybrid Switches
Model: ENGXK20100BKEW
ENHANCE GX-K2 LED Gaming Keyboard. Illuminated LED Keys - The ENHANCE GX-K2 comes equipped with 104 backlit precision LED keys that will illuminate your gaming setup when you’re pulling an all-nighter! The colors alternate between blue, red and purple so you can customize them to your preference. The hybrid switches on the K2 give the keyboard a ta..
ENHANCE GX-K3 Gaming Keyboard with 104 Hybrid Switches
Model: ENGXK30100BKEW
ENHANCE GX-K3 Backlit Gaming Keyboard. Comfortable Design & Hybrid Switches - The GX-K3 is designed with hybrid switches that simulate the feel of a mechanical keyboard but without having to spend the extra money. It’s aluminum based body and metal back panel design give it a modern and elegant look. With a sleek low-profile build , it won’t take u..
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KL1 Membrane Keyboard
A modern design with LED accents and a membrane keyboard switch design make the Infiltrate KL1 an ideal choice. Switch between an LED breathing mode that pulses or select the static multi-color mode for a static color filled display. Quiet membrane switches are great for late night gaming so you don't wake up your partner with loud clacky keys. The..
ENHANCE KL2 Gaming Keyboard
A premium design made from aluminum metal comes equipped with a variety of LED lighting modes. Switch from 3 different rgb modes or enable the dynamic breathing. Engage a turbo input mode that increases the speed of key inputs from 21 to 62 characters per second. Quality membrane keys with the ultra slim 6mm keycaps make the Infiltrate KL2 incredib..
7 Colors, 9 Lighting Modes, Quiet Membrane Keys
The Infiltrate Gaming Keyboard is feature packed and ready to take your gaming setup to the next level. With 7 color selections, 9 lighting effects, and Soundwave audio responsive lighting, the Infiltrate keyboard is the only choice. Experience reactive and dynamic LED lighting from music, voice chat, game audio, and more!..
Anti-Ghosting , N-Key Rollover - Red Switches
ENHANCE Scoria Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRise above the competition with the ENHANCE Scoria Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Featuring Anti-Ghosting Keys, N Key Rollover, WASD to Arrow Key switching, and LED Customization, the Scoria Pro Series Gaming Keyboard is dominate in all your favorite games. Full Aluminum metal design with built in wrist rest of..
ENHANCE Gaming Keypad
The ENHANCE Keypad has some striking LED backlighting, and is capable of 2 dynamic modes and 7 distinct solid colors. Select from either rainbow fade or color shift mode, or choose from Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Red, Purple, White solid colors. The keys are easily programmed by holding down the FN + ESC key for 5 seconds until the lights flash. Th..
Lightning Fast Response & Clicky Blue Switches
ENHANCE Pathogen Optical Gaming KeyboardThe Pathogen series has evolved with the introduction of our optical gaming keyboard. Equipped with laser technology, actuation delays are nearly eliminated with a 0.2ms response time, compared to the 30ms time of traditional mechanical keyboards. Adapt to the game with new strategies and a faster response wi..
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Equipped with Complete LED Customization, Blue Switches with Tactile Click, and 5 Customizable Game Modes..