Accessory Power Minimum Advertised Price Policy

                Accessory Power has unilaterally adopted the following Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) which shall apply to dealers and retailers (collectively “resellers”) who resell Accessory Power products to end-users.  This MAP Policy will apply to those Accessory Power products listed on the Minimum Advertised Price Listing (“MAP Listing”) attached hereto.

Accessory Power has developed this MAP Policy in order to maintain and reinforce the high quality image, value, and reputation of Accessory Power Products in the marketplace.

                The MAP Listing will clearly show the “Minimum Advertised Price” for each listed Accessory Power Product.  Authorized Accessory Power re-sellers who resell Accessory Power products agree to not advertise an Accessory Power product at a price below the price set forth in the MAP Listing.  This policy applies to all forms of advertising including catalogs, mailings, displays at exhibitions and shows, the Internet or any other electronic network.

                If Accessory Power determines, in its sole discretion, that the reseller has committed a violation of MAP Policy, reseller shall be notified and allowed twenty-four hours to bring advertising into compliance.  For additional violations, Accessory Power may choose to:

-          Increase the price that re-seller pays for Accessory Power products

-          Deduct some or all of the re-sellers annual marketing support

-          Furthermore; Accessory Power reserves the right to suspend or discontinue product sales to that reseller, remove references to such reseller from Accessory Power websites or other marketing materials, and notify authorized distributors of such suspension or discontinuation.

Any attempt to reduce the advertised price of Accessory Power products directly or indirectly without an approved Accessory Power Map Exclusion Request will be considered as a violation of map policy.  Such attempts may include, but are not limited to:

-          Offering free products or services with the purchase of an Accessory Power product

-          Bundling products or services with an Accessory Power product

-          Rebates, volume incentives, or any other discounting

                Any request for a temporary exclusion of a certain product from the terms of Accessory Power’s MAP policy must be done so by completing the Accessory Power Map Exclusion Request attached hereto.  This must be sent to at minimum two weeks in advance of requested promotion start date.  Any promotion without an Accessory Power Map Exclusion Request approved by Accessory Power shall be considered a violation of MAP Policy.

                This policy only concerns advertised prices and does not relate to actual selling prices of any item.  This policy applies equally to all Accessory Power resellers.  Accessory Power may, at its sole discretion, unilaterally make changes, revisions or modifications to this policy.  Accessory Power will use commercially reasonable efforts to communicate changes to the policy to all resellers.