ENHANCE Enhance GX-B1 Mouse Bungee

ENHANCE Gaming Mouse Bungee Cord Management System
Enjoy a new way of playing video games by preventing annoying cord interference by using the B1 Mouse Bungee! Using a cord management system allows you to aggressively flick , swipe and fling your mouse without getting caught up in wires.
The B1 Bungee comes with a highly durable silicone arm that bends and conforms to your gaming style allowing you to swipe your mouse more smoothly and naturally.

Gaming Mouse Cable Bungee

Give your gaming desk an upgrade with the ENHANCE GX-B1 Mouse Bungee. Four built-in USB 2.0 ports, soft glow LED lighting, and a sleek modern aesthetic design combined with a flexible silicone cable holder offer improved performance and organization.

A weighted design accompanied by rubber padded feet the GX-B1 firmly in place during even the most intense gaming sessions. The small footprint of the bungee easily fits on desks of all sizes without cluttering up your desk.

  • Flexible Silicone Cable Arm
  • 4 Port USB Hub
  • LED Lighting (Can be turned off)

What does a Mouse Bungee do?

The primary purpose is to elevate and keep your mouse cable at a fixed point to avoid it from being caught on desk corners or drag along your desk, reducing speed and causing annoying issues.
  • Eliminates drag
  • Eliminates Snag
  • Improves Performance

4 Port USB Hub

Doubles as a desktop USB Hub with 4 USB 2.0 ports to connect peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, mice, flash drives and more.

Cable Management System

The GX-B1 prevents cord snags and annoying cable bunching instances by creating a fixed position for your mouse to move from.

Flexible Silicone Arm

Offers fluid access to a full range of motion while providing a fixed point to orient your mouse movements accurately and effectively.

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