ENHANCE Mood Light Kid's LED Color Changing Mini Night Light


ENHANCE Mood Light M Color Changing LED Night Light for children
The ENHANCE mood Light M is the perfect night light for your children's room.. With a color cycle that alternates between 256 colors , and four alternating modes including; FLASH , STROBE , FADE and SMOOTH that will provide comfort and happiness of your child. The wireless mote and AC adapter give you the freedom to place this night light anywhere you please.

Sleep Easy at Night

5.9 inch Mood Light

The ENHANCE Moodlight Mini Night Light is a wonderful complement to any bedside or room you have it in. Kids will sleep easy at night with this fun and soothing light. Scare away any bedtime monsters and fears having this shining beacon in their room.

When your child ever needs to take this light with them to use the restroom at night or move through dark hallways, with batteries our night light can become a portable light they can bring with them to give them strength in the dark.

  • 256 Color Availability
  • Hand Blown Glass Housing
  • Includes Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Battery OR AC Powered

The Perfect Night Light

With 256 custom colors to choose from, children won't get tired of their color choices.

If they ever can't choose for a night, we have 4 different color transition modes; Fade, Smooth, Flash, and Strobe when they want to see more colors.

The Smooth option is particularly soothing, as it gently moves into each color, helping lull your child to sleep.

  • Relaxing Sleeping/Mood Light
  • 4 Color Changing Modes

256 Color Selection

Children are unpredictable with their moods and wants always changing. To keep up, the ENHANCE Mood Light Mini offers a wide range of brilliant colors that can fit their personality on any day.

4 Lighting Effects

Select from 4 incredible lighting effects including FADE, STROBE, SMOOTH, and FLASH to adjust the mood of any room. Even when you can't decide from the amazing range of color to have in the light, ENHANCE has an option just for you.

Wireless Remote Control

Don't fear that your kids will tap or break the globe thanks to the included wireless remote control. Change the light color, mode, or brightness from across the room or on the bed thanks to the remote.

Portable or Stationary Design

Insert batteries to take the ENHANCE Night Light with you where you go, kids won't be scared to go alone in the house with this light shining their way. When it needs to be on overnight, plug it in for soothing bright lights as your children sleep.


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