ENHANCE Gaming Keyboard Wrist Rest - Compact

ENHANCE Gaming Keyboard Wrist Rest for Tenkeyless Keyboards w/ Ergonomic Support

ENHANCE Your Game with Wrist Rests Designed for PC Gamers - Compact Keyboard Wrist Pad

Optimal Support

Gamer tested and approved, the ENHANCE Compact Keyboard Wrist Pad has been designed with an ergonomic, comfort-maximizing 0.8" thickness. This degree of elevation will keep wrists and hands at the perfect level while using most mechanical and membrane gaming keyboards. With the ENHANCE Wrist Pads positioned behind your keyboard you can frag for hours in comfort.

Medium Firmness

Our team developed the ENHANCE Wrist Pads with a moderate softness level, so the pads provide comfort and promote relaxation while still offering stability during intense gameplay sessions. Skip the mushy bean bag wrist rests and rock hard wooden rests, and choose an ENHANCE Wrist Pad that feels great AND supports your wrists.

Innovative One Piece Design

Forget about wrist rests that fray or separate - all of the ENHANCE Wrist Pads have been designed with a molded, durable one piece design. The top of the wrist rest features a soft, rubberized finish that feels great on wrists, and the bottom of the pad has been constructed with a non-slip surface that is sure to keep your wrist rest planted firmly on your desk.

Unique Interlocking Design

The ENHANCE Compact and Full-Size Wrist Pads have been designed to interlock with the ENHANCE Mouse Wrist Pad for a sleek-looking, space-saving combo.

Compatible with:

Keyboards from AULA , CM Storm , Cooler Master , Corsair , HAVIT , HyperX , Logitech , Razer , Redragon , Steelseries , Tecknet , Thermaltake and Many More!

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