ENHANCE Enhance Compact Keyboard Wrist Rest

ENHANCE Your Game with Wrist Rests Designed for PC Gamers - Compact Keyboard Wrist Pad

Optimal Support
Gamer tested and approved, the ENHANCE Compact Keyboard Wrist Pad has been designed with an ergonomic, comfort-maximizing 0.8" thickness. This degree of elevation will keep wrists and hands at the perfect level while using mechanical and membrane gaming keyboards. With the ENHANCE Wrist Pads behind your keyboard you can frag for hours.

Play Longer with Gaming Wrist Support

Sore wrists shouldn't keep you from enjoying the crispy new AAA title that just dropped. With ergonomic best practices in mind, we developed a firm yet comfortable keyboard and mouse wrist rest that is ideal for most gaming keyboards. It is designed with the perfect height to keep your wrists at a neutral typing angle and doesn't sink or cause excessive hand sweat from the non-breathing foam or gel of other wrist rests.

Comfortable and Supportive

ENHANCE your typing experience with a comfortable padded keyboard wrist rest. Designed with a medium firmness profile, rugged water resistant exterior, and a perfect thickness to allow for comfortable typing.

Medium Firmness for Optimal Support

Firmer than memory foam wrist rests, yet still soft enough to provide comfortable support. By using a medium firmness profile, our gaming wrist rests provide ideal wrist support without that annoying sinking and heating up that "super soft" wrist rests have. 

Interlocking Wrist Rest Design

The wrist rests feature a contoured interlocking design to combine our keyboard wrist rests with our gaming mouse wrist rest for seamless wrist support that spans the length of your gaming area. The design of the wrist rest also makes it tear and moisture resistant.

The Ideal Height for Gaming Keyboards

A 0.8 inch height provides the optimal support for most gaming keyboards. The firmness in combination with this height keeps your wrists in a neutral typing position for the long term health of your wrists whilst gaming.


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