ENHANCE Enhance GX-C1 Laptop Cooling Pad

ENHANCE GX-C1 Laptop Cooling Stand. The GX-C1 comes equipped with 5 ultra-quiet LED fans that produce an alluring red light and provide superior airflow while maintaining a noise-free environment. The lightweight and versatile design lets you use the cooling stand in a stationary position or take it with you on the go. Its metal mesh surface helps increase airflow and pull away excess heat from the bottom of your laptop. 3 adjustable height settings provide you with multiple viewing positions.

GX-C1 Laptop Cooling Stand

It's Cool. That's a phrase often said, but when we're talking about laptop gaming performance, "It's cool" is a goal we all hope to achieve. The GX-C1 laptop cooling stand helps achieve that goal while maintaining a sleek aesthetic and providing a flow of cool air to help mitigate thermal buildup and serve as a portable stand when used in bed or on the couch.So kick back, relax, and game on.Because with ENHANCE, It's Cool.

  • Fits up to 17 inch Laptops
  • 1 x 1264 RPM Fan & 4 x 2630 RPM Fans
  • 3 Adjustable Height Settings
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • Brilliant Red LED Lighting
  • Laptop Stops to Hold PC in Place

Thermal Management

5 Powerful fans shoot cool ambient air upward to push away warm air and any heat generated from your laptop.

  • Pushes hot air away
  • LED & Fan Control Wheel
  • Mesh Metal Grate

Brilliant Red Lighting

Complement your existing aesthetic with incredible LED lighting emitted from the cooling stand. The control wheel located at the back increases the speed of the fans as well as the brightness. The faster the fans, the brighter the lights.

Adjustable Height Settings

Select your preferred height to accommodate your wrists for extreme comfort during long gaming sessions. The 3 height settings allow you to use your gaming laptop on most desks and surfaces of various angles.

Fits up to 17 inch Laptops

The large pad area was designed to accommodate up to 17 inch gaming laptops. The reinforced feet and metal mesh grate ensures a stable surface and allows the air to efficiently move upward and carry the heat away from your laptop.

2 USB Ports & Fan Control

The fans are powered by your laptop through one of the built-in USB ports located on the back of the GX-C1. The other port can be used to power or charge cell phones, USB hubs, or other computer peripherals.

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