ENHANCE products are designed to magnify, intensify, strengthen, amplify and, of course, enhance your life. We constantly discover products you love and develop accessories that make those products better. Whether you’re a gamer, a photography enthusiast or simply enjoy a quiet night at home, ENHANCE products will fit your need for innovative, unique and high quality products.

Weather, Radios & Clocks


The ENHANCE SCORIA Vibration Gaming Headset has an adjustable vibration engine to immerse the wearer into the game, providing a greater sense of realism. Users will be able to feel the gunfire, explosions and experience heightened awareness during combat or engagement.

Enhance Mice


Staying one step ahead of the competition is important when it comes to gaming. With that in mind the ENHANCE gaming mice were built to deliver premium comfort and performance. The ergonomic design conforms to the shape of your hand and provides extra relief to your palm and wrist. With smooth rubberized grips and color changing LED lights, these gaming mice combine functionality and stunning visuals.


Designed for gamers, the ENHANCE keyboard line combines backlit LED lighting and an ergonomic design that provides flare and premium comfort. The keyboards utilize hybrid switches that simulate a mechanical feel and provide you with enjoyable button presses every time. Show the competition you mean business by adding one to your gaming setup!


A wise man once said, "A camera is a man's best friend." Or something like that. Our ENHANCE line exists to make using your favorite devices easier, and we have the perfect accessory to help you picture greatness. From our LCD hood to our lens cap holder, the camera magic never stops when you aim to ENHANCE.


With a retro look and bright LED display, our Alarm clocks combine an elegant and sophisticated design. Preset your favorite radio station or utilize the built in AUX port to play your favorite music from your smartphone, tablet or other multimedia device. Its innovative power save mode lets you turn the alarm clock on or off with the simple clap of your hands. Powered by either batteries or AC adapter, our alarm clocks provide versatility that is unmatched.


Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with our programmable alarm clocks. Set your alarm with your favorite music, radio station and start your day off the right way. The color LED display shows the outdoor and indoor temperature, time and date all with unbelievable clarity.


Powered by AC adapter or batteries you can make your clock stationary or make it portable and bring it with you on the go.