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USA Gear products were built around the idea that life is busy, you are active and your devices need protecting. Designed with high quality fabrics and universal features these multi use products can withstand any effects of your active lifestyle. From cases, bags, mounts and our highly rated action mount series, protect your most precious investments in style.
Bags & Cases

In Car

Driving is something we do every day and so is using our phone. The USA Gear mobile mount series brings these two tasks together to create a connected and hands-free driving experience. From vent mounts, cd player mounts, windshield mounts and dashboard mounts, keep your phone accessible and protected while on the go. Twist, turn and adjust all USA Gear mounts for custom viewing.

Action Cameras

Whether you're surfing, sky diving, base jumping or off roading, we have you covered! USA Gear offers a wide variety of action mounts that fit the most extreme of photo and filming needs. Compatible with today's most popular action cams from GoPro HERO to SonyHDR, you'll unlock a new world of possibilities. Stick, zip, clip, clamp, or fasten your camera to your environment, your gear, your vehicle, or even yourself!


Our USA Gear mounts provide a convenient and easy way to view and protect your devices while on the go. Whether you're on the road, on an outdoor adventure or simply at home, our mobile mounts are the perfect accessories for your smart phones, GPS devices and even compact cameras. Be prepared, adjust, customize, tweak and secure your favorite devices with ease.


Ever wondered how the pros carry their gear in style? Wonder no more. USA GEAR's backpack lineup is the latest in sleek tech gear and will fit your needs just like it fits your devices. The backpacks come in varying sizes to cover all your bases, features all the padding you can imagine and the customizable interior dividers give you the freedom make your backpack truly universal. From cameras to laptops to drones, we specialize in safely housing everything that makes you shine.

USA Gear Cases


Protecting your camera on the go is an essential part of effective photography, and you know it better than anyone. We know it too, and our camera bags are created in a range of sizes to accommodate your favorite camera, lens, tripod, memory cards, and just about whatever else you use to get in the shutterbug mood. Customize your dividers to fit whatever devices you choose and make it a different adventure every time. We have all the GEAR you need.


USA GEAR messenger bags provide a convenient way to carry your devices. Designed for people with an active lifestyle, these bags make it easy to take your electronics with you on the go. With several models to accommodate different sized devices and accessories, never worry about leaving your tech behind. Each bag is constructed with high quality materials to ensure long lasting protection!


Sometimes, when you're on a photo adventure, it's not a camera backpack kind of day, but it isn't a camera sleeve day either. That's where our camera bags come into play. Carry with your hand or with the should sling, and pack in all the small to mid-sized lens, cards, and whatever else it takes to capture the perfect pic. Sleek and lightweight, our bags are more than just an accessory. They're a statement.


The USA GEAR Smartphone cases come in multiple sizes to accommodate several styles of devices. They are perfect for transporting your favorite Smartphone and providing superior protection on the go. Built from high quality neoprene material, they don't fray or tear. The scratch-free interior will keep your device looking pristine. Belt loops and carabineer clips add extra convenience for you to carry your phone while you travel.


Sticks and stones may break your bones and they'll also put nasty scratches and dings on your favorite camera. Protect your investment with our line of camera sleeves, engineered to expand to your device's exact size and shape to maximize protection from the drops and bumps that often get the best of our electronics. GEAR up with our camera sleeves and never look back.


USA GEAR Tablet sleeves are built with high quality neoprene fabric and heavy-duty stitching to ensure long lasting protection. These sleeves combine convenience and portability for wherever your busy life may take you. Storage pockets allow you to store accessories such as charging cables, earbuds and more, while built-in carrying straps provide you with an easy way to hold your tablet.


The USA GEAR sleeves are designed to keep your laptop protected from the wear and tear of daily use. These covers are built with high-density, padded material in order provide superior protection for your device. The slim and portable design allows you to stow your laptop in a bag or backpack while remaining protected from bumps and scrapes. USA GEAR offers a variety of styles and sizes that will conform to your laptop for the perfect fit.


Nobody likes a dropped camera. It's a fact of life and yet the fear in the back of your mind every time you shoot. USA GEAR is here to help. Our wrist straps are built for the prudent photog, helping to keep all your shots steady and prevent a momentary slip from breaking the bank. Shoot over crowds, on the move, and wherever your shutterbug heart desires. It's all in the wrist.


Remember when going on an adventure with you camera meant you had to carry it in your hands the whole time? Kiss those days goodbye with our line of camera straps, designed with the whole spectrum of users in mind. Ranging in color from black to polka dot to downright bohemian, and featuring storage pockets for all your small accessories, our camera straps might be worthy of a few close-ups of their own. Factor in the quick release buckles, and you just might have found your camera's newest companion.


"Action" is the new word in the camera world, and USA GEAR stays ahead of the game. We have engineered the best in body harness technology to make your camera goes where you go, no matter what. From action cams to DSLRs, we have you (and your torso) covered, quick release buckles and all. The best in camera support design means when you wear USA GEAR, the action begins.


Whether you're climbing the Rocky Mountains, camping in Yosemite or working out of your garage, you're going to still need light come sundown. Enter USA GEAR portable lighting. Our durable lights and lanterns are built to survive the rugged outdoors but also work great for indoor emergency uses. LED lights, and convenient power-up methods help ensure that you will never be left in the dark. These lightweight travel companions will illuminate your journey from start to finish. Let USA GEAR lighting show you the way.


Enjoy the calm and alluring LED lights of our night time mood light. The design is crafted from hand-blown glass and it makes the perfect decor for any room in the house. It cycles through 256 colors and is controlled with the remote up to 15 feet away. Dim, brighten or select one of four different lighting modes and enjoy the ambiance.


Your work day doesn't always end when it gets dark outside. Ease the burden of working late with USA GEAR home lighting. These all-purpose reading lights are perfect for both home and office desktops. They come equipped with USB charging and energy efficient LED lights to help ensure that you won't break the bank with those all night study sessions. These lamps are both stylish and portable just in case your work travels. USA GEAR lights- the ideal light source for your everyday life.

Enhance Lighting


Your camera can't do everything. But it can do a lot, and no one should have to worry about poor lighting when taking their next big shot. Our USA GEAR camera light series is ready to light up the camera world and leave the competition in the shadows. Picture yourself using our interlocking system to bring on the brightness and never let dimness dominate. Let there be light.