ENHANCE Gaming Adding Brand NEW Speaker to the Voltaic 2 Line

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Consumer electronics manufacturer Accessory Power®, maker of PC peripherals, gaming accessories, and audio equipment, is proud to announce new PC gaming speakers launching under the ENHANCE Voltaic 2 product line.

The Voltaic SC2 Computer Speakers embody the aesthetic of the Voltaic 2 line, featuring ENHANCE's coveted clear, circuit design, resulting in extremely eye-catching LEDs that produce a color-changing lighting effect unique to ENHANCE.

The ENHANCE Voltaic SC2 PC Speakers feature two satellite speakers that fit perfectly under any monitor and in any setup. With their plug and play functionality, setup is hassle-free so your audio can be booming as soon as the USB and 3.5mm AUX cables are plugged into the computer.

The SC2 computer speakers have a convenient in-line controller with features many other desktop speakers lack. First, the controller has a volume scroll wheel so that adjusting the volume is fast and easy. Also, there is an LED lighting control button to switch between the 11 unique color modes, as well as an Off mode to keep your desk dark when enjoying a movie. Finally, there is a mute button for when you receive an important phone call and need quick-access muting within hand's reach.


"The next generation of ENHANCE Gaming is here with the Voltaic™️ 2 clear glowing line,” says Darren Rieger, Product Manager of ENHANCE Gaming at Accessory Power. "These speakers are mesmerizing with 13 different color modes. It's like your own personal sound and light show at your desk."

The Voltaic SC2 Computer Speakers will be available for purchase in February with a retail price of $29.99. For more information about ENHANCE Gaming and other upcoming Accessory Power products, please visit pc.enhancegaming.com.