ENHANCE Gaming Announces the NEW Voltaic 2 Product Line

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Consumer electronics manufacturer Accessory Power®, maker of PC peripherals, gaming accessories, and audio equipment, is proud to announce three brand new PC gaming products launching under the new Voltaic 2 product line.

ENHANCE Gaming is kicking off the Voltaic 2 line with a family of PC gaming peripherals. It includes a brand-new gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a gaming headset. All 3 embody an aesthetic that sets the Voltaic 2 line apart: a clear housing etched with ENHANCE's signature circuit board design, resulting in extremely eye-catching LEDs that produce a color-changing lighting effect unique to ENHANCE.

The Voltaic 2 Keyboard features a full-size 104-key layout for a perfect upgrade to any desktop setup. With its hybrid mechanical switches, key presses provide the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard but they do not produce as loud of a "click, clack". It also comes equipped with pro-level features such as Anti-Ghosting, 19KRO, and 12 multimedia keys essential for top level gameplay and entertainment.

The new Voltaic 2 Gaming Mouse has all of the features necessary for the modern PC user. Features like a dedicated DPI button, lighting control switch to change between 13 different LED modes, and downloadable software for more advanced customization of the 7 different buttons and the 13 different LED modes.

To round out the Voltaic 2 series launch is a new PC Gaming Headset. The Voltaic 2 Headset is USB-powered, features color-changing LEDs, and has an audio and mic 3.5mm AUX cord for online gameplay chat. A splitter cable is also included for computers with separate audio/mic ports.

"The next generation of ENHANCE Gaming is here with the Voltaic™️ 2 clear glowing line,” said Darren Rieger, Product Manager of ENHANCE Gaming at Accessory Power. “The illuminated clear housings with circuit board design are paired with next level performance, whether it is larger headphone drivers, fully programmable mouse functions, or hybrid keyboard switches that give you tactile control.”

All three Voltaic products will be available for purchase on December 20th, 2023 with the keyboard and headset at a retail price of $29.99 and the mouse at a price of $24.99. For more information about ENHANCE Gaming and other upcoming Accessory Power products, please visit pc.enhancegaming.com.

ENVOKN2100CLUS - ENHANCE Voltaic 2 Gaming Keyboard - $29.99 Retail

ENVOMN2100CLEW - ENHANCE Voltaic 2 Gaming Mouse - $24.99 Retail

ENVOH2L100CLEW - ENHANCE Voltaic 2 Gaming Headset - $29.99 Retail

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