ENHANCE Gaming Introduces NEW SB1 Computer Soundbar

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Consumer electronics manufacturer Accessory Power®, maker of PC peripherals, gaming accessories, and audio equipment, is proud to announce a new and innovative PC soundbar that will be launching in perfect time for the upcoming holiday season.

The new SB1 High-Excursion Soundbar speaker will launch under the ENHANCE Gaming brand and will be available in three different LED light color accents: Blue, Red, and Green. The SB1 features BassPULSE technology that enhances the audio experience by delivering deeper bass and more punch with its high-excursion drivers. Other features that will make the SB1 a customer-favorite include: headset pass-through, an LED On/Off switch, as well as an easy-access volume control knob. With the SB1's headset pass-through port, gamers can go from private game chat with a headset back to room-filling game audio over the speaker without having to disconnect any cables from the computer. The soundbar was precisely developed with an under-monitor design to reduce clutter at desks for a sleek, clean look.

What sets this gaming speaker apart from others is the unique space-saving design and high-quality audio that immerses users in their favorite games, music, or movies. With 10W peak power, the SB1 produces room-filling sound that will captivate gamers and casual PC users alike to deliver a quality audio experience. Whether it’s an active PC gamer, someone who wants a rich music experience, or someone who enjoys an immersive movie at their desk, the ENHANCE SB1 computer soundbar will be a must-have for all PC users.

“We are thrilled to introduce the SB1 High-Excursion Soundbar to our PC gaming line,” said Darren Rieger, Product Manager of ENHANCE Gaming at Accessory Power. “We believe that this soundbar will provide an unparalleled audio experience for our customers and enhance their gaming, music, or movie enjoyment.”

The SB1 High-Excursion Soundbar will be available for purchase on October 16, 2023 at a retail price of $39.99. For more information about ENHANCE Gaming and other upcoming Accessory Power products, please visit ENHANCEGAMING.COM


ENPCSB1100BLEW – ENHANCE SB1 Soundbar (Blue) - $39.99 Retail

ENPCSB1100GNEW – ENHANCE SB1 Soundbar (Green) - $39.99 Retail

ENPCSB1100RDEW – ENHANCE SB1 Soundbar (Red) - $39.99 Retail


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