Lighting it up for the Fourth of July

Published In: Company News

While a tad late to the party, Accessory Power celebrated Independance day this past Friday, July 8th with our first ever BBQ!

Although the grill was small, 'twas very mighty as Grill Master Cynthia cooked up dozens of hot dogs, vegetable skewers and, you guessed it, corn!

Staff also indulged in an assortment of non-BBQ'd treats ranging from chips, watermelon and ice cream.

It was a nice excuse to soak up the California sun and enjoy each other's company as we took a break from the hectic short work week.


Some walked away a bit sunburnt, but all the more red to commemorate our flag's red, white and blue spirit! Overall, staff had a blast, and we look forward to seeing if the tiny grill can handle burgers next year.