Back to having fun again!

Published In: Company News

As things are slowly getting back to normal, we were able to host our first company event for our employees since the pandemic started; it was a bundle of fun! By putting our creative minds together, we were able to come up with some summer activities that were safe for everyone in the office to enjoy.

To kick start the month of August, we hosted an all you can eat Ice Cream Sundae bar to keep us cool under the California sun. But wait, there’s more! In the spirit of the ongoing Olympics, the AP team hosted its very first Can Jam Ball! What is Can Jam Ball you say? Well, it is a special game in which two teams are pitted against each other and must shoot as many ‘Cans’ as they can. (No pun intended).

Four brave teams competed for the gold, silver and bronze medals in a tight game leaving Team USA GEAR taking home the tournament with the ReVIVE team placing second and ENHANCE receiving bronze.

Special thanks to Cynthia, Courtney and Hector for making this day happen! Everyone in the office is looking forward to many more eventful days like this in the future!