Found your dad’s old turntable in the basement and decided to take it home for a spin? Here are a few things you might not know when starting your own vinyl collection:

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There’s no denying that turntables and vinyl have made a huge comeback lately, with tons of new turntables back on store shelves. Their retro style has become quite popular, and a vinyl collection could be the perfect addition to your living room. But where do you start? Maybe last night at dinner you found out your dad has had a turntable packed away since the good old days, or maybe you considered buying a turntable the last time you were shopping at Urban Outfitters. Either way we got you, here’s a quick guide to get you started:

What is a phono preamp?
I know, I asked myself the same question the first time I heard about a preamp. A phono what? A phono preamp is a piece of audio equipment that converts phono to line level. Still confused? I was too. Most turntables produce phono as an output signal, while audio equipment such as stereo systems, amplifiers and mixers use a line level signal. You’re here because your turntable is putting out very low volume, distorted sound or no sound when all set up? Yup, you need a phono preamp.

Your turntable has a built-in preamp, great! But…
Some modern turntables have a preamp built-in, but the sound quality isn’t as crisp or clean as when using an external phono preamp. I guess it’s all a matter of personal taste, but most prefer turntable audio with an external preamp for that authentic vinyl sound. If you do decide to try out the difference it makes to have an external preamp, make sure you’re getting one that is optimized by the RIAA standard. When components are bundled together, they usually lose their great quality, but the RIAA equalization makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Phono preamps sound complicated, but they don’t have to be!
Like we said earlier, we got you! GOgroove’s phono preamp makes it super easy for you - just plug in the audio cables and power and you’re good to go. Using the GOgroove external preamps also ensures you are getting audio by the RIAA standard. You won’t break the bank either, as the GOgroove phono preamp is available on for under $30.

To get a little bit technical:
The preamp has both RCA and ¼ TR output for connecting to amplifiers, mixers and recording units. There’s also a PRO version if you’re more of an enthusiast. The Pro version features an improved circuit for premium sound, as well as additional controls for fine tuning and volume. For $20 extra you get more sophisticated audio processing and an adjustable headphone output, which allows you to listen to the turntable without speakers.

Are you ready to embark upon a turntable adventure or do you have other questions? Let us know in the Facebook comments. If you’re already a vinyl lover and have a turntable setup, what are your recommendations? We’d love to hear from you!