Accessory Power Announces Gogroove® Phono Preamp and Phono Preamp Pro as Turntables and Vinyl Make a Huge Comeback

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Consumer electronics manufacturer Accessory Power®, has turned their focus towards phono preamps. The recent spike in interest for turntables has got vinyl lovers looking for important components for their setup to maximize sound quality.

The GOgroove® Phono Preamp is a piece of audio equipment that converts phono to line level. Most turntables produce phono as an output signal, while modern audio equipment such as stereo systems, amplifiers and mixers use a line level signal. A turntable setup without a phono preamp may not produce any sound at all, leaving new users confused. Some of today’s entry level turntables have a preamp built-in, but the sound quality isn’t as crisp or clean as when using an external phono preamp.

The Phono Preamp is a streamlined preamp that is simple to use for any level of vinyl audio enthusiast, just plug in the cables and power and you’re good to go. The preamp has both RCA and ¼ TRS output for connecting to amplifiers, mixers and recording units. The Phono Preamp PRO is the upgraded version of our original Phono Preamp. It features an improved circuit for premium sound, as well as controls for fine tuning the volume. The PRO preamp has both RCA and DIN outputs. DIN is a connection type that can be found on older record players. “The Phono Preamp PRO was designed to provide more control over the audio as well as a more sophisticated audio processing,” stated Darren Rieger of the Product Development team at Accessory Power. “Audiophiles will appreciate the adjustable gain that can be dialed in for maximum volume and minimal distortion. The low-cut filter can remove any turntable “rumble” that may be created by the player itself. Lastly, the PRO also features adjustable headphone output which means you can listen to the turntable without speakers.”

Both Phono Preamp models feature RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) equalization which ensures that the audio being provided to your devices is processed as per the RIAA specification. The GOgroove preamps are available now at a retail price of $27.99 for the standard Phono Preamp and $49.99 for the Phono Preamp PRO. For more information about Accessory Power and the company’s products, please visit

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