Shave-It truck visits Accessory Power to dispense much-needed refreshment

Published In: Company News
The sun was blazing down causing temperatures to be 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day. Mouths dry, crew members persevered through the record temperatures. The ShaveIt! Truck (shaved ice and ice cream), pulled into the parking lot. They set up shop and posted an assortment or flavors.

Eddie Murphy’s Ice Cream Man is Coming comedy act started to play over the office loud speaker. Everyone ran outside and to their surprise was the ShaveIt! Truck making shaved ice for all of the employees. It cooled everyone down, even in the hot sun. Many got combinations of different flavors to make their own unique dessert.

Smiles were shared and brightly colored tongues were show cased after eating. Everyone had a blast. Who doesn’t want a cold treat on a hot day?