The MoodBRIGHT FLH: a Perfect Defense Against Monsters

Published In: Company News
By Kaitlyn Hanson

The clock in the hall rang seven times as the minute hand struck twelve. Jimmy knew what that meant; it was time to get ready for bed. He jumped up from the couch where he had been sitting with Mom and Dad. Jimmy ran into the bathroom and brushed his teeth with his blue, dinosaur tooth brush. After his teeth were squeaky clean, Jimmy went to his room and put on the cowboy pajamas and fresh socks that Mom had laid out for him.

Mom and Dad knocked softly on the door to see if Jimmy was ready for bed. They came in and tucked their little tike into his bed. “Good night. We love you!” Mom and Dad said as they turned out the light.

They were about to shut the door, when Jimmy cried out, “Wait! I can’t go to bed without my flashlight! What if I get scared in the dark?” Mom walked back in and pressed down on the circular base of the MoodBRIGHT FLH. It started to light up and change colors.  I knew I would be safe now that the light was on. Mom kissed my forehead and then shut the door. Jimmy’s eyes grew heavy with sleepiness. His eyes closed and he fell fast sleep.

Jimmy woke to a soft tap of a tree branch on his window. It was still night time. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes.  Suddenly, a thin green man jumped out of jimmy’s closet! Jimmy’s eyes grew wide with terror. He knew this man; it was the Boogie Man! Jimmy jumped to his feet.

“Hello Jimmy,” the Boogie Man said with a sly smile. “Goblins, steal the socks off the feet of every sleeping child, starting with him,” He said as he pointed at Jimmy’s socks. Three little green goblins, no bigger than cats, jumped out from the corner. Jimmy jumped and dodged their attempts at his socks.

“Why are you doing this?” Jimmy asked.

“By stealing the socks off the feet of every sleeping child, parents will have to buy them new socks for every special occasion. Children hate getting socks for presents!” He said with a maniacal laugh. Jimmy hated getting socks for his birthday. He knew he would have to save all the children by defeating the Boogie Man.

Jimmy reached for his MoodBRIGHT FLH while dodging another goblin’s attempt for his socks. As soon as the MoodBRIGHT FLH was in his hand, the bright LEDs from the flashlight illuminated Jimmy’s whole room. He pointed the light at one of the goblins and it poofed into dust. He jumped again, right over another goblin. Jimmy shown the MoodBRIGHT FLH at the second goblin and it too poofed into dust.

“Not my Goblins!” shouted the Boogie Man. Jimmy saw the last little goblin jumping from his bed. He turned just in time to hit the goblin with the bright LED’s of his MoodBRIGHT FLH. The last little goblin poofed into dust. Jimmy turned the MoodBRIGHT FLH back towards the Boogie Man. “Bright Light! That’s my only weakness!” the Boogie Man screamed right before he poofed into a big cloud of dust that fell to the floor. Jimmy put the flashlight back on the color changing, charging base.

Jimmy took a big sigh of relief. He climbed back into his bed and pulled the covers onto himself. He felt relaxed now that all the children, their socks, and their presents were safe. His eyes grew heavy and Jimmy fell asleep until the next morning, when he could tell his parents of his adventures.