Accessory Power at CES

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January and the months leading up to it have always been an exciting time for Accessory Power. Of course January marks the date of the world famous Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the year, we put a countless amount of time and energy into our brands, products and image and CES gives us a platform to show off all this hard work to the world.

Walking around the booth, you might not recognize us in comparison to previous years. With a flurry of new products, banners and overall booth designs, this CES has started with a bang and continues that momentum into Day 3 and 4. This year we’ve included games, giveaways and numerous special guest presenters. Every person who walks into the booth not only receives a nice tote bag but also a discount coupon for specialty Accessory Power items. If that wasn’t enough, this year we’ve created our own exclusive video game. Beat it and you have the chance to win grand prizes such as earbuds and gaming accessories bundles. Don’t worry if you don’t beat it; you’ll still walk away with a little something just for playing!

Guest speakers you ask? We’ve gathered some of the biggest and brightest reviewers from the CE world to speak with you. They include:
  • Matt Granite from USA Today
  • Rob Daily from Daily Unsigned
  • Bob Fine from The Social Media Monthly
  • Frank P. from RANDOMFRANKP
  • Allison Shaw from Manic Monkee MGMT
  • Francie Black from ABC News
There are two days left at CES. Come see what all the fuss is about! We are in
Upper South Hall 3, Booth #31655.

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