ReVIVE PowerUP at Home PowerUP TRANS4M

All-in-One Charger with Dual USB Charging Ports , AC / DC Adapters & AA or 9V Battery Power

At Home or In the Car

This travel companion is a unique, compact and versatile accessory that "transforms" to give you the power you need in ANY situation. Use the flip down AC plug in any wall outlet. Just connect the included USB cable from the TRANS4M to your phone or open the translucent door and fold out the DC plug for car charging!


Simply insert AA batteries or a 9V for on-the-go power! This charger offers the versatility of getting power anywhere.

Dual Charging Ports

You can even charge 2 phones at once! It's equipped with 2 USB charging ports and comes with 1 micro-USB charging cable. Charge your device using your OEM charging cable.


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