Action Wrist Strap


USA Gear Action Camera Large Wrist Strap with 2-point Neoprene Strap Connection
  • $6.99

USA Gear Action Mount Series

Whether you’re surfing, sky diving, base jumping or riding mad dunes, we have you covered. USA Gear offers many types of action mounts that attach to different surfaces, vehicles and even your body to accommodate all types of filming and photography. Includes a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Wrist Strap Positioning

The wrist strap takes your videos to another level. The strap secures your camera against your wrist like a watch or gives you the option to pivot the camera up and down to shoot video and photo. This unique wrist design ensures full use of your hands while surfing, snowboarding, climbing, driving and more! The strap is fully adjustable and fits over jackets, gloves and additional straps.

How Does it Work?

The mount uses a comfortable stretch-fit neoprene material with 2-point connection to guarantee a secure fit. Strap it on and slide the mount in to start filming. The adjustable straps allow for full range of motion and fit wrists of all shapes and sizes. The quick-release mounts slide and lock into place easily for one step attachment and removal of your camera.

All-in-One Kit

The J hook mount allows you to connect GoPro and other Action mount style cameras. The J-Hook action mount is designed for full articulation, allowing the camera to lay flat while shooting. With the additional tripod screw adapter, you can connect compact cameras making the wrist strap a universal mounting system for both action AND point-and-shoot cameras.

Works With:

GoPro HERO5 Black , HERO5 Session , HERO Session , HERO+ , HERO4 , HERO3+ , HERO3 , HERO2
HTC RE Camera
Ion Air Pro 3 , Pro 2 , Pro Lite , Pro
Veho Muvi HD , Muvi K Series
Contour ROAM3 , ROAM2

...And More Action Cameras


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