ENHANCE Enhance Arcade Fight Stick Backpack

Equipped with Adjustable Joystick Shield, Reinnforced Semi-Rigid Design, Laptop Sleeve, and Accessory Storage

ENHANCE Arcade Fight Stick Backpack

Protect and travel with your arcade joystick and accessories. The ENHANCE Arcade Joystick Carrying Bag features a large customizable interior with an elastic security strap designed to hold your fight stick controller in place. There is a removable divider that can seperate your fightstick from cables, playstation 4 controllers, wii controllers, switch controllers, xbox one controllers, and other accessories. The front of the backpack cover features a spacious laptop sleeve capable of securing a 17 inch laptop, while a zippered pocket can store additional wired ps4 controller and additional controllers and accessories. An adjustable Joystick Shield Guard can be placed over your joystick to keep it safe from damage while traveling to your next tournament or to a friend's house. Simply take the Joystick Guard and detach it from the hook and loop attachment and place it over the joystick. Finally, just close the backpack and it will automatically attach in the proper place to the backpack cover. Compatible with most universal game controller fight systems.

Book Compartment 12 x 9 x 6
Largest Dimension 12 in 30.48 cm
Middle Dimension 9 in 22.86 cm
Smallest Dimension 6 in 15.24 cm

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