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Gaming Mouse Travel Case

Designed with rugged,shock-absorbing neoprene material and reinforced stitching

Gaming Mouse Travel Case

Rugged and Protective Construction

The ENHANCE Mouse Case has been designed with rugged, shock-absorbing neoprene materials and features reinforced stitching to keep your wired or wireless mouse protected during travel and transport. The high-strength hook and loop connector adhesive will keep the case closed securely. Don’t let your favorite gaming mouse bounce around in your bag unprotected, protect your investment with an ENHANCE case designed specifically to safeguard your gear

Netted Cabling and Accessory Pouch

Forget cramming your wired mouse’s cabling into other cases, or letting your mouse’s wireless receiver float around in your bag; the ENHANCE Mouse Case features an innovative netted pouch that’s perfect for stowing your cable and mouse accessories

Carabiner Carrying Clip

The ENHANCE Gaming Mouse Case features a rugged metal carabiner clip, allowing you to attach the case to your backpack or gear bag for convenient carrying

Internal Dimensions:

5 x 3 x 1.6 inches