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2.1 Computer Speakers

Equipped with High Excursion 2.1 Audio Quality, Dual LED Satellite Speakers, Onboard Controls, and Simple, Easy Connection
2.1 Computer Speakers
S21 Computer Speaker System - 2.1 Powered Subwoofer with 80W Peak, LED Satellite Speakers

ENHANCE 2.1 Channel Speaker System with LED Lights

The all new ENHANCE S21 2.1 Channel Speaker System with LED Lights were designed with PC gamers and audiophiles in mind. Now is the time to upgrade from low-grade speakers and take your gaming and music listening sessions to a whole new level. Equip your setup with dual drivers and booming subwoofer. ENHANCE your experience with the 2.1 Computer Speaker Sound System.

  • Powered Built-in Subwoofer
  • 80W Peak Audio Power for Superior Sound
  • Translucent LED Glow Satellite Speakers
  • Onboard Bass and Volume Controls


Two drivers are designed with soft glowing translucent lights that bring a vibrant look to your desk, office or home setup. Dual 5 watt drivers produce crystal clear volume and clarity

Powered Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers

ENHANCE S21 computer speakers are designed for maximum sound immersion. At 40W RMS and an 80W peak, this 2.1 speaker system is built for booming sound, perfect for gamers and true audiophiles. Our 4 inch high excursion 20W subwoofer provides powerful audio and all the bass you'll ever need. Our custom ENHANCE front grill resemble our crosshair logo for a custom gaming look.

Convenient Pass-Through & 3.5mm, RCA Ports

For enhanced sound levels, securely plug in all cables. Loose or unsecure cables produce low quality audio, preventing you from listening to clear streaming music or pc games.

Free Range of Motion

With a powerful subwoofer and dual satellite 5W speakers, you will experience 80W of peak audio power when binging on your favorite pc games and movies. These speakers are perfect for gamers who don't like headsets. The amazing audio and bass provides room-filling sound giving you freedom of motion without the nuisance of a headset

Easy On-Board Connections

Easy to reach onboard controls on the side of the subwoofer allow to control the levels of both audio and bass. Adjust the audio levels with integrated volume and bass controls for rich sound. AC power & 3.5mm AUX audio cables let you connect the S21 directly to your computer for instant sound. Experience the 2.1 bass-rich audio with the ability to customize your setup.

Customized Speaker Setup

A long wired 60-inch cord allows sufficient separation for most computer monitors. You can place the subwoofer with the satellite speakers next to each other, or place it underneath the desk for extra space.