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Weather Clock

Weather Forecasting Digital Travel Alarm Clock with Wireless Outdoor Barometric Sensor
Weather Clock

All-In-One Clock Solution

The ENHANCE Weather Clock is the all encompassing solution for your time and weather needs! By using the wireless outdoor Barometric sensor, this device will provide you with the indoor and outdoor temperature, along with a 24 hour weather forecast all on an alluring color LED display. The Weather Clock screen also displays the time, date, and outdoor / indoor humidity.

Portable Alarm Solution

The ENHANCE Weather Clock is not only great for predicting the weather, but also operates as an alarm clock complete with a snooze button. The weather station can be powered by three AAA batteries for portable use or as a backup for power outages. With all of its' capabilities, the ENHANCE Weather Clock is the perfect desk or nightstand companion.

24 Hour Weather Forecast

With the ENHANCE Weather Clock, you can ensure that you will be well prepared for the upcoming days weather. The weather clock is able to accurately provide a 24 hour weather forecast by measuring the barometric air pressure changes. Based on the clock's forecast, one of the four weather images (sunny / partly cloudy / cloudy / rain) will then light up in color to exhibit what the weather conditions will be.

Quick and Easy Installation

The set up for the weather station is simple and easy. All you have to do is place or hang the included outdoor sensor outside within 33 feet of the clock and it will begin to forecast the weather. The clock will also keep track of the highest and lowest temperature that has been recorded. **Batteries Not Included**