ReVIVE PowerUP In-Car PowerUP DV2 + Smart LED USB Data Cable

DV2 USB Smart Charger + DATASTREAM Smart LED Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable

DV2 Dual USB Car Charger Diagnostic/Voltmeter Gauge + Smart LED Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable

Dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at once. With both 1A and 2.1A ports, you can conveniently charge Smartphones (1A), Tablets (2.1A) and other devices. Smart charging technology identifies your device to deliver optimum charging efficiency and protect against overcharging. The DATASTREAM Smart Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable supports full data transfer. Easily transfer music, videos, images and other files between your device and computer.

LED Display for Vehicle Voltage and Charging Amperage

The cool white LED display is easy to read yet is not harsh on the eyes. A solid LED read out displays your car’s operating voltage or the total USB charging output. When not charging a device, the easy-to-read LED screen displays the condition of your battery/charging system. A flashing display indicates a potential vehicle voltage problem - High or Low voltage can indicate a battery issue. When charging a device, the amperage will be displayed to show how much power your device is drawing. Use the DATASTREAM Smart Cable and a bright blue LED shines when it's plugged in then changes to red when charging a device.

LED Illuminated Charging Ports and Slim Profile

A subtle LED glow from the USB ports allows you to easily see where to plug in devices in low light. Measuring only 2.3" x 1.4", the DV2 fits in the palm of your hand. The slim profile minimizes any obstruction while charging, keeping clutter to a minimum. The DATASTREAM Smart Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable is a compact 3ft and utilizes a micro-USB connection.

Works with:

Smartphones , Tablets and many more devices!


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