ReVIVE PowerUP In-Car PowerUP DC

Portable Car Charger with Dual 2.1A USB Charging Ports & Rapid Charge Technology

ReVIVE PowerUP DC Rapid Car Charger

Simple and Effective

Power UP your tech with this easy-to-use USB charger. The PowerUP DC lets you charge your devices in the car or by any standard 12-24v DC outlet. It's equipped with 2 universal USB charging ports and works with nearly any OEM USB charging cable. At 2.1A, this charger delivers a fast and on-the-go charging solution to power up 2 devices at the same time.

Quality Design

The lightweight, compact design makes it an ideal travel charger. Keep it in your car, purse, bag, or backpack and provide instant power to two mobile devices at a moment’s notice. The PowerUP DC aspires to fulfill a simple purpose: to give you fast and convenient power when you need it. Built from quality components with the jetsetter in mind, you can rest assured this device will provide a safe and effective charging solution for all your needs.

Works With:

Apple / Acer / Alcatel / Archos / ASUS / Blackberry / Dell / Dragon Touch / HP / HTC / Huawei / Lenovo / LG / Microsoft / Motorola / Nokia / NVIDIA / Oppo / Samsung / SanDisk / Sony / Toshiba / Xiaomi / ZTE

...And More Smartphones , Tablets , MP3 Players and Other Devices!


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