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GX-M1w Mouse - Wireless

3500 DPI Wireless Optical LED Gaming Mouse with 2.4GHz Receiver & Ergonomic Fit
GX-M1w Mouse - Wireless

Wireless Freedom

If you're tired of getting tangled up in cords , then it's time to go WIRELESS! The GX-M1w is a plug-n-play solution that connects to your system via the included 2.4GHz dongle. The dongle can be conveniently stored inside the underside of the mouse for safe storage!

Adjustable Settings

Customize the DPI settings to give you the gaming experience you want. Adjust to 1200 , 2400 and 3500 DPI. The mouse is also equipped with 5 buttons for left click , right click , forward , back , and the DPI switch.

Ergonomic Design

The surface of the mouse is made of a soft rubberized material for a non-slip grip that is both comfortable and lasting. Backlit LED lights shift through 7 vibrant colors for a spectacualr light show while playing. Rechargeable Battery - In our extensive testing , a fully charged battery will last for about 21 hotpockets , 15 rockstars or 7 days. Recharge the mouse in just 3 hours!