Accessory Power and the Big Game

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With the big game upon us, people are flocking to stores to plan their parties and upgrade their big screen TVs. Planning a Super Bowl Party can be a stressful time for all involved. You not only need to budget for enough food and drinks, you must also calculate each square foot of the living room to ensure everyone has a good view of the television. Needless to say, a lot goes into planning the perfect party.
With that stress in mind, we’ve created a list of FUN FACTS about the Super Bowl to help take a little of that stress off of you.
Fact #1: This year marks the largest age gap ever between the starting quarterbacks. 13 Years!
Fact #2: Over the last 10 years, viewership has increased by 22.4 million people
Fact #3: The Super Bowl is the second highest day of food consumption after Thanksgiving
Fact #4: Approximately 100 million pounds of guacamole will be devoured
Fact #5: In the 60s, commercials cost as low as $37,500. The year a 30 second spot could cost up to $5 million dollars
Fact #6: Ads will generate a total of $2.19 billion in sales

With all those fun facts you may be a bit more relaxed or freaking out realizing you forgot to pick up the guacamole at the store. Whatever the case may be, remember it is only a game!
Also note it is never too early to start planning next year’s party. The GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR is the perfect soundbar to help complete any home theater system. Another thing often overlooked is power sources for dying phones. The ReVIVE Line of Solar Power Banks is perfect to make sure everyone is juiced up throughout the game. Lastly, for those stuck in another room, the GOgroove BlueSYNC RST is the perfect clock radio to help you stream the game. Happy Super Bowl 50!

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