Halloweek-A-Boo 2022

Published In: Company News

Our AP Events team were able to put together yet another fantastic week filled with different Halloweeny activities. Before we kicked off the spooky festivities though, we were able to squeeze in a giving event for the month of October.

"Stay Warm from Head to Toe" was the motto of our Hat and Sock Drive this year. With California never having a gradual change in temperature as we go from an extreme 100-degree Summer like day to a chilly 65 degrees (yes, that is cold for us!), we wanted to make sure our community friends in need were taken care. The hosted event ran from 10/10-10/14 with a goal of 50 pairs of socks + 15 beanies. We were very pleased to announce that we surpassed our goal with a Grand Total of 165 socks & 20 beanies = 185 donations!! Way to go Accessory Power!

Tuesday - Pumpkin Painting Time

Our first event brought out our Staff's arts and craft skills as we took the time to paint some cute baby pumpkins. From delicious looking donuts to Frankenpumpkin, the creativity was endless. 

Wednesday - Ghost Hunt

Move over Ghostbusters, Accessory Power will handle this ghost hunt. The Events team hid several ghost pops outside our California Headquarters for our Staff to find. Three of our ghost friends had an extra surprise in them. Employee credit of $15, $25, and $50 were up for grabs in which Shane B. and Antonio C. got to enjoy!

Thursday - Witch Hat Ring Toss

Four teams competed to try and get all 10 rings back to the Witch Hats. Each hat was worth a different number of points, so it was important to aim wisely as a $10 Starbucks gift card for each team member was on the line. Boo Crew came out victorious in this round. Congrats Julie D, Steve R, Brian F, and Brandon M!

Friday - Candy Jar Count

We were betting that our Staff couldn't guess the exact number of candies in the candy jar (133) but, there was one Accessory Power ghoul that was super close! With a guess of 131, Brian F got to take home the whole candy jar. Way to go!

Monday - Googly Eye Toss / Costumer Contest

Staff returned back to their Witch Hat Ring Toss teams for redemption in our second annual Googly Eye Toss. The goal was to get all 24 spooky eyeballs in their pales with the fastest time. It was eye to eye with some teams having interesting tactics. With a winning time of 01:09.61, Ghostbusters sucked the win! Congrats to Antonio C, Shane B, Robert B, Mike R, and Jeremy C on your win of a catered lunch!

Of course, our main event of Halloweek was our annual costume contest. With a $50 Amazon gift card on the line, it was no wonder their costumes were eerie-sistible. Alas, as with our Googly Eye Toss, there could only be one winner. Our very own Sherry L. took the ultimate honor of being the bluest of them all. Congrats Miss Smurfette!

We had a jammed packed couple of days all thanks to our amazing Events Team. We can't wait to see what is in store for us next!