Audiophiles Rejoice!

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Did you know that vinyl records outsold CDs this year? According to the RIAA’s mid-year report, the last time vinyl outsold CD’s was in the 1980s. It’s clear that Americans are listening to their records more than ever, even during the pandemic. Now is the time to get in on the fun and upgrade your turntable setup.

The secret behind getting crisp and clean audio that takes you back to that nostalgic sound is a phono preamp. A phono preamp boosts your turntable's phono audio level to a more speaker/stereo receiver-friendly line level, giving you better volume and increased sound quality.

The GOgroove Mini Phono Preamp ensures you’re getting audio that meets the RIAA’s standards and it only takes a minute to set up. If you're planning on hooking up your turntable to a computer, stereo receiver, bookshelf speakers, or any other modern audio equipment, you're going to need this preamp to get the rich quality sound that you expect from vinyl. It’s available on for under $30.

For vinyl enthusiasts looking for some extra features, there’s also a Pro version with upgraded internals. The GOgroove Phono Preamp Pro features an improved circuit board for premium sound, as well as additional controls for fine tuning and volume control. For just under $50 you get more sophisticated audio processing and an adjustable headphone output, which allows you to listen to the turntable without speakers.