Accessory Power launch new ReVIVE website

Published In: Company News
Today we mark another milestone in the history of Accessory Power with the launch of the new website!

The website was created to help the ReVIVE brand get a stronger web presence and to be more accessible to customers. The primary goal is to improve brand recognition, promote market, and engage consumers to interact with the ReVIVE products. The IT department has focused on creating a user-friendly and modern design that works smoothly on all platforms such as mobile, desktop, tablet and laptop.

The ReVIVE brand was created by Accessory Power to bring your favorite electronics back to life. We understand that in today’s world a dead device is useless. With ReVIVE chargers, you never lose power and can recharge on the go, at home or in the office. These versatile charging solutions get their power from AC, DC and even directly from the sun to give you the power to keep going and stay connected.
We intend the site to be the official location and reference to all information about ReVIVE Brand and Products.
Check it out: