ENHANCE Gaming Line

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By now you’ve seen the new look Accessory Power website. We know pretty great right? And with this greatness and functionality comes the visually pleasing aesthetics. With product images, lifestyle pictures and a plentiful list of videos, there’s enough to keep you busy all day long!
Lately we’ve teased a series of videos regarding the latest and greatest from the ENHANCE Gaming Line. Although product introductions don’t tell the whole story, we are sure that your interest is piqued. So what is going on with the Gaming Line and what can you expect next? Great question!
Up to this point, our dedicated development team has created a line featuring 4 coordinated series, each showcasing a mouse, mouse pad, keyboard and headset. Appropriately named the GX-1, GX-2, GX-3 and GX-4, each series has a little something for every level of gamer. They’re technical enough for the highest level gamer yet affordable enough for those just starting out. Additionally, we’ve added some other accessories such as our GX-C1 Laptop Cooling Stand, GX-B1 Cord Bungee and GX-M1w Mouse.
So now you know what the ENHANCE Line currently has to offer, but you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what is coming next. We’re upgrading our Mouse Pad lineup with the introduction of the GX-MP5 and GX-MP6. The GX-MP5 features a hard ABS plastic surface design while the GX-MP6 is made of a textured metal, both designed to increase mouse traction. As for our keyboards, be on the lookout for some new designs as well as wireless and mechanical functionalities.
Now that CES is over, we are just getting started! To see the full line of gaming accessories please visit www.accessorypower.com/gaming. If you haven’t seen the list of product introduction videos, visit our YouTube Page to see this line and more!
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