An Egg-stravagant Egg Hunt

Published In: Company News
By Kaitlyn Hanson

The sun hit the vibrant colors of plastic eggs hidden amongst the shrubbery and rocks in front of the office. Everyone sat wide eyed and fidgety, anxious for the clock to strike 8 AM. There were so many eggs and each egg meant more candy.

Finally the clock turned from 7:59 AM to 8 AM and they were off! Everyone was walking quickly collecting eggs by the arm full, expressions of awestruck children. People were looking everywhere; high and low, in the bushed, even in the trees.

Each egg was handed in for candy and tallied to see who was able to collect the most eggs. Joy spread to every face as eggs were found and traded for candy of their choice.

By 12 PM almost all of the eggs had been found. The race for most eggs was winding down. A few eggs were found in places hard to reach or see and almost all the candy had been eaten.

By 3 PM the egg hunt had concluded and all eggs had been found.

The winners came forward to claim the most nostalgic prize of any egg hunt; a chocolate bunny! The winners were:
1. Sabrina L. with 76 points
2. Hortence M. with 63 points
3. Linda L. with 46 points
4. John B. with 33 points
5. Alex H. with 23 points
6. Brett S. with 18 points

The participation from the Accessory Power family is what really made this event such a success! Until next event; have a great Spring!