3 Ways to Plan the Ultimate Nighttime Party!

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By Kaitlyn Hanson

Planning the perfect nighttime party can be a real challenge. The people, the food, and the music are just some of the key things that make a party off the hook. The right look and feel of your party can make or break your guest's experience. Great décor and lighting are absolutely essential. 

3. Lighting

When having a nighttime party, whether it is indoors or outdoors, colorful lighting can really take your party atmosphere to the next level. It is important to place lights in places that will enhance the look and feel of the party.  If your party has a stage, DJ booth, or blank wall, consider getting lighting that projects upward. This will give the background of that stage a great pop of color. The ENHANCE MoodBRIGHT CST is a circular color projection lamp. With the MoodBRIGHT CST's ability to draw power from two AAA batteries and it's range of 256 different colors, that blank space will be filled with a bright, colorful light for any party.

2. Music

The music selected for a party is very important. If you have a DJ for your party, then you should be all set. If you are doing the music yourself, try to pick songs that have a defined beat, as this will make dancing much easier and more fun for your guests. A friend should be able to help with selecting songs that are fun to dance to and that flow together. You can give your music more life, by adding a speaker that changes/pulses to music. The GOgroove SonaVERSE Move L3D speaker has four LED lights that can transition through colors or pulse to your music. Adding a speaker to your party, that is also visually will help getting people up and moving.  

1. Decor

In addition to your music and lighting, décor will help tie together the whole look of your party. Color changing decorations, will give your party an over feeling of constant flow. Us the ENHANCE MoodLight a table center piece or on the bar to add extra visual effect. The ENHANCE MoodLight has four different light changing modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth to shift through all 256 colors. This will allow you to match the colors of your party with little to no effort.

A nighttime party can be stressful to plan, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Have your friends help can take a lot of pressure off as well. Make your dream party a reality with the right details.  It's your party; you can do what you want to!