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Accessory Power Infiltrate

ENHANCE Gaming Mouse

Equipped with Multi Colored LED Light, 4 DPI Intervals, and Smooth Rubber Grip
Accessory Power Infiltrate
ENHANCE Gaming Mouse
ENHANCE Infiltrate Computer Gaming Mouse - Multi-Color RGB LED Lighting with 4 DPI Levels

ENHANCE Infiltrate Gaming Mouse

The ENHANCE Infiltrate Gaming Mouse offers a competitive edge with brilliant LED active lighting and a sleek ergonomic profile. With a quick-action DPI toggle switch, the Infiltrate grants the ability to hone in on your enemies and make the delicate fast-paced reactions needed for digital supremacy in all your favorite PC games.

Dedicated DPI Toggle Switch

Quickly switch from 4 DPI levels and optimize every motion for every in-game situation. The tactile toggle is shaped to be easily clicked during intense firefights, giving the Infiltrate an edge in competitive FPS gameplay. The rubber coating on the top of the Infiltrate keeps your hands in the optimal position for comfort and performance.

Dynamic LED Lighting

A clean LED accent lines the bottom of the Infiltrate and glows with a multi-color LED display, slowly fading from a variety of colors. The dynamic lighting provides an ambient glow that smoothly fades into the next set of colors for an awesome modern aesthetic perfect for any gaming desk setup.

Heavy Duty Braided Cable

The Infiltrate is equipped with a rugged yet flexible braided cable designed to withstand twists, bends, and wear and tear. The USB is also plated in a gold alloy to reduce corrosion, increasing the reliability of the connection to your PC or gaming laptop.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Game for hours at a time in style and comfort. The Infiltrate's modern ergonomic design alleviates wrist strain from extended use, keeping you immersed in all of your favorite games for longer.