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Vibration Gaming Earbuds

Equipped with Tactical Vibration Feedback, Built in Microphone, Full metal Diver Housing, with easy Connection to your Favorite Platforms
Vibration Gaming Earbuds
Gaming Earbuds with Vibration & Microphone

Tactile Reality Engine Vibration System

Game like never before. ENHANCE your gameplay with our in-ear gaming headset that incorporates our Tactile Reality Engine to respond to explosions, gun shots, car engines, and other in-game sounds with deep bass that responds physically to fully immerse you into your game. Now you can experience incredible sound and tactile feedback while on the go and in a much smaller package than an over the ear headset

PC, Console, Mobile Device and More

We designed the ENHANCE Gaming Earbuds to be compatible with all major gaming platforms so you spend less time worrying about compatibility and more time playing your favorite games. Using the 3.5mm input, you can connect to any mobile device that has a 3.5mm port. This includes smartphones, tablets, VR Headsets, console controllers, and more. Gaming on a PC? We've got you covered. Use the PC channel splitter so you can connect both the mic and sound channels to your PC

Silicone Ear Hooks and Anodized Aluminum

We've included an EVA carrying case that contains 3 sets of Small, Medium, and Large ear gels and a set of silicone in-ear supports for maximum comfort. Ensure the best fit by selecting the correct size ear gels for your ears. This helps with comfort and provides better sound quality to ensure you feel the maximum effect of the Vibration Engine. Made from anodized 5052 aluminum and built to resist wear and tear, our in-ear headset provides an outstanding value. Combined with ENHANCE Gaming's free 3 Year Warranty, its hard to overlook such a deal. ENHANCE your game