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ENHANCE Pathogen

GX-MP2 XXL Mouse Pad

Extra large mouse pad with extended tracking surface, low friction ultra smooth fabric surface optimized for better mouse gliding, and non-slip rubber base grips onto your desk preventing unwanted sliding
ENHANCE Pathogen
GX-MP2 XXL Mouse Pad
Pathogen GX-MP2 XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad ( 31.5 x 13.75 Inches ) - Green


Designed for those gamers who go big or go home , the ENHANCE GX-MP2 Gaming Mouse Mat provides users with over 430 square inches of ultra-smooth tracking real estate. Place your keyboard , gaming mouse , gaming mouse bungee , and any other accessories directly on top of the GX-MP2 and let your keyboard hand rest on a soft , padded mouse mat.

Ultra Low-Friction Fabric Surface

Every GX-MP2 has been crafted with an ultra low-friction fabric surface , eliminating any resistance that might prevent you from lining up that perfect headshot or blowing that cooldown. Forget about lifting and repositioning your mouse; drop the sensitivity in your favorite FPS way , way down and experience a new type of freedom and precision only an extended mouse mat can offer

ENHANCED Performance

The GX-MP2’s non-slip rubber backing will keep securely it in place , even during the heat of battle! Thick , reinforced stitching lines the gaming mouse mat’s perimeter to prevent rips , tears , and fraying. Rest assured you’ll be gaming with it for years to come. ALL ENHANCE products are back by 3-Tear Manufacturers Warranty!