ENHANCE Enhance Attack Under Monitor Soundbar

ENHANCE SM2 Attack Gaming Speaker Soundbar

The ENHANCE Attack Soundbar has a sleek glossy finish that will perfectly complement your PC gaming setup. Thanks to its low-profile design, the speaker can tuck directly under your monitor screen. With a simple installation that only requires an AC plug and 3.5mm AUX audio cable to your computer, this ultra-compact stereo gaming sound bar is the perfect alternative to the clutter of basic speakers.

ENHANCE the Sound You Listen To

Now is the time to upgrade from low-grade speakers and take your gaming and music listening to a whole new level. Equip your setup with its dual drivers and 40W peak audio power. ENHANCE your experience with the ATTACK Under Monitor Soundbar.

ENHANCE Attack Gaming PC Speaker

Under Monitor Soundbar Speaker with LEDs

The all new ENHANCE Attack Under Monitor Soundbar with LED Lights was designed with PC gamers in mind. The ENHANCE Attack is a sleek soundbar speaker with a glossy black finish that will perfectly complement your PC gaming setup. Thanks to its low-profile design, the ENHANCE gaming computer speaker can be tucked under your monitor screen(s) to take advantage of the unused space.

  • Dual AUX inputs for PC and other devices
  • Under monitor soundbar design
  • AC powered 2 x 10W stereo drivers
  • 3 selectable lighting colors: Red, Blue, Green
  • 3 selectable lighting effects: Flash, Strobe, Breathe

Tech Specs

  • Speaker Power: 10W x 2
  • Driver: 50mm x 2
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 75Hz - 18kHz
  • S/N Ratio: >65 dB
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm x 2
  • Power Input: 12V, 2A
  • Audio Cable Length: 60"

Dual Audio Inputs

With two wired 3.5mm AUX audio inputs on the back of the sound bar, you won’t need to unplug your PC to play audio from a second device, like your phone or tablet. An easy-to-access Input switch button keeps you in control when switching from PC gaming audio to your phone's music playlist.

Customizable LED Lighting

LED lights shine below the ENHANCE Attack speaker to complement the rest of your gaming hardware. You can choose between 3 static color presets (blue, red, green) or 3 dynamic lighting modes (flash, strobe, breathe). No complicated software is needed; the speaker's side control panel includes an LED switch button to cycle through the 6 different presets.

Impressively Clear Room-Filling Audio

The ATTACK gaming PC speaker boasts sound bar styling that has been tailored to upgrade standard and low-powered built-in speakers. Full-range 50mm stereo drivers generate 40W of peak audio power to bring your games and media to roaring life.


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