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Tablet Sleeve

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Neoprene Tablet Case Sleeve with Touch Capacitive Screen Protector & Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Tablet Sleeve

Durable, Play Friendly Design

The FlexARMOR X features reinforced impact-resistant Neoprene that helps absorb shock from dings and bumps, while also withstanding the abuse from daily wear-and-tear. The rugged yet flexible material of the FlexARMOR X fits like a glove, snugly conforming to your gadget's shape while the padded texture cushions your device like bubble wrap. The Kid friendly design of this case features a fully-capacitive screen protector that allows your child to use the tablet without having to worry about it being damaged. The screen Protector is perfect for protecting your tablet from dust, fingerprints, spills and more!

Travel Friendly Design - In Car Display!

The FlexARMOR X has a detachable strap that can be used to mount your tablet on virtually any headrest neck. Adjust the strap length and mount the case around one headrest for personal viewing or around two for shared viewing.

Convenient Ways to Carry your Tablet

The detachable shoulder strap allows you to carry your tablet on your shoulder, as a sling, or around your neck. The FlexARMOR X has four strap loops allowing you to carry your tablet in portrait or landscape orientation!