ENHANCE 3.5mm F2M Extension

Features one 3.5mm female and two 3.5mm male connectors, with compact lightweight design for easy portability

Your Online Gaming Solution

This 3.5mm headset splitter adapter has one 3.5mm female and two 3.5mm male connectors, allowing you to connect earbuds or a headset with an inline microphone into your desktop or laptop with audio and microphone ports. It works great for computer gaming as well as applications such as Skype, Facetime, Google Voice and more. This durable adapter comes with flat rubber so it does not get tangled and gold plated tips for premium audio signal transfer

Easy Setup

Using the adapter is simple. Just plug your headphones into the adapter, and then plug the the adapter into the audio and microphone ports on your computer. Test your volume levels and you will be all set to go


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