GOgroove Replacement Micro-USB Cable

Micro-USB to USB Charging Cable

The USB micro B connector has become the new universal standard connector used to charge most smartphones, tablets, speakers and more! This premium USB 2.0 cable features a USB A male plug on one end and a USB micro B male plug on the other end. The connectors ensure a smooth, corrosion-free connection.

Works With:

Product (Click for More Info) Type Category
BlueSYNC EDG Speaker Wireless
BlueSYNC MCWB Speaker Wireless
BlueSYNC RDG Speaker Wireless
BlueSYNC TWR Speaker Wireless
BlueVIBE AGL Headphones Fitness
BlueVIBE BH3 Headphones Wireless
BlueVIBE CFT Headphones Fitness
BlueVIBE CPT Headphones Wireless
BlueVIBE DLX Headphones Wireless
BlueGATE RXT Wireless Adapters Home
BlueGATE RCV Wireless Adapters Headphones
BlueGATE TRM Computers Home
FlexSMART X2 Wireless Adapters In-Car
FlexSMART X2 Mini Wireless Adapters In-Car
FlexSMART X3 Wireless Adapters In-Car
FlexSMART X3 Mini Wireless Adapters In-Car
FlexSMART X5 Wireless Adapters In-Car
SonaVERSE SRK Speakers Home

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