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ReVIVE PowerUP at Home

LED Desk Lamp Wireless Charger

LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8 , Samsung Galaxy S9 & More
ReVIVE PowerUP at Home

LED Desk Lamp Wireless Charger

ReVIVE LED Desk with Wireless Phone Charging Pad

The ideal desk lamp for any workstation or bedside table, the ReVIVE LWC offers extraordinary non-intrusive lighting while charging your phone wirelessly. A sleek matte black finish and a 360 degree flexible gooseneck looks great on any desktop or nightstand and works perfect as a nightstand charging hub.

Lighting & Functions

  • The ReVIVE LWC features customizable lighting with 3 color temperatures including 2700k (Warm), 5000k (White), and 6500k (Daylight). Press the Mode (M) button to switch between color temperatures.
  • Dim the lighting with a stepless brightness scale for incredible fine tuning, perfect for a bedside or reading light. Press and hold the power button to select a brightness setting.
  • Set an Auto Off Timer by pressing and holding the 40 Minute button that automatically turns off the light after 40 minutes. Perfect for use by the bedside.
  • Wireless Charging Pad

The ReVIVE LWC features a 5W lamp wireless charging pad with a UL listed AC adapter that powers both the charger and the lamp. The LWC wireless charger is compatible to Qi charging and ensures complete charging safety with temperature, foreign object, and metal detection safety countermeasures.

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Metal Object Detection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Foreign Object Detection