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ENHANCE Mood Light


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Color Changing Kid's LED Night Light with Wireless Control & 4 Lighting Effects
ENHANCE Mood Light


ENHANCE Color Changing Children's Mood Lamp – The Radiant Sleep Time Night Light

Shining Quality

Tonight you can turn your room into a dreamscape! The ENHANCE Mood Light S Night Light is the ultimate compliment to any color scheme or décor. A powerful LED light shifts through up to 256 vibrant colors so vivid you have to see it for yourself! The lamp encasement is made of a safe silicone material that houses and protects the LED lighting inside. The Mood Lamp also comes equipped with a standard white light that can be used as a bedside nightlight.

Wireless Remote Control

Select 16 primary colors with the remote control or select one of four different light changing modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth to shift through all 256 colors! Each mode is unique and can help create the perfect atmosphere no matter the occasion. You can also use the remote to control the brightness by dimming the lights for a more intimate experience. The remote control can set the ambiance from up to 15 feet away!

Excellent Room Décor

The Mood Lamp can be used as a stationary light by using the AC adapter to provide endless hours of illumination. The lamp's compact 5.9 inch design allows it to be placed on the nightstand right next to your child so they feel safe at night with a table night light. Great as a bedroom lamp with night light. The soft, squish-able  silicone globe won't shatter upon impact eliminating the fear of your child getting injured by broken glass. 

Place them in your…

Bedroom, Baby Room, Play Room , Guest Room , Living Room, Reading Rooms and many others!

Excellent for...

Babies , Infants , Toddlers , Kids , Children , Teens and even Adults!