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ENHANCE Mood Light


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Equipped with Soothing Light, Wireless Remote Control, and Safe Silicone Design
ENHANCE Mood Light


Soothing Light

Cycle through 256 colors, or use any of the 4 modes (FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE) to enjoy a variety of gentle and calming rainbow of colors. Fall asleep easy with our relaxing MoodBright Silicone.

Ambient Lighting for Every Room

Use it next to your bed, on your table, or even as a mediation lamp. This LED MoodBright is the perfect light for a variety of situations for any room. With it's multiple color and brightness options, tune the light to enhance the ambiance of any environment.

Safe Silicone Design

Soft waterproof silicone design allows LED light to shine brilliantly without the worry of shattering like other glass lights making it perfect for households with toddlers and kids. Along with this, the globe is extremely easy to clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or paper towel to keep your MoodBright looking pristine.

Easy On-Board Connections

Easy to reach onboard controls on the side of the subwoofer allow to control the levels of both audio and bass. Adjust the audio levels with integrated volume and bass controls for rich sound. AC power & 3.5mm AUX audio cables let you connect the S21 directly to your computer for instant sound. Experience the 2.1 bass-rich audio with the ability to customize your setup.

Wireless Remote Control

Change colors, modes, dims, glow and more using the included wireless remote control. Freely change the light from your bed, couch, or even across the hallway giving you even more control over your MoodBright.