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Gaming Headset

ENHANCE SCORIA PC Gaming Headset w/ 7.1 Virtual Surround , Adjustable Vibration

Gaming Headset

Adjustable Vibration Engine

The ENHANCE SCORIA Vibration Gaming Headset features an innovative adjustable vibration engine, immersing gamers deeper into their favorite titles with unparalleled realism. Feel the gunfire and enjoy heightened awareness during engagements. Control your degree of immersion from the in-line controller and go from 0% to 100% vibration depending on user preference. The innovative vibration function makes this headset great for more than just gaming – so when you’re done fragging you can enjoy a more cinematic movie experience, or get down to your favorite bass-heavy tracks.


Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

Get a leg up on the competition and pinpoint enemy placement with premium directional audio! The SCORIA's Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound profile widens the audio range, and offers directional perception for incoming threats and targets while you game. Whether it's gunshots to your left or footsteps on the balcony above you, you will enjoy a new level of awareness that’s sure to improve your K:D ratios. The pillow-soft padded ear cups and adaptive headband will keep users comfortable during extended gaming sessions. The headset’s in-line controller also features media, microphone and volume controls.


Switchable LED Accents

Choose from five LED presets (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) and a color cycle mode directly from the SCORIA Headset's in-line controller, allowing you to match your headset's accent colors to your rig and other LED accessories. The exterior of each driver housing illuminates vibrantly and the in-line controller features LED backlighting so you can utilize the controls in low-light settings.

Compatible with PC Computers and Playstation 4 consoles